How to Hack wifi Password using Android Devices

how to hack wifi password using android

Wanna crack neighbor’s super fast wifi ? How to Hack wifi Password using Android devices They must have password protected internet connection otherwise you won’t be reading this post isn’t it ? Anonymous helps us it this manner byallowing monitor mode to Android devices to hack wi-fi passwords so no limitations needed around.

Cracking wi-fi password is really not good considering your using the services paid for by others. But this article, is an eye-opener that its really easy to crack wi-fi nowadays, using these gadgets. Hope internet providers will find a way to correct this. This is actually the reality happening. It is really on the discretion of the user.


Step 1:

  • The term Monitor mode provides you a facility to monitor every traffic going through your connection and how many devices are connected to it. But this mode can also be used for other purposes.
  • By Capturing Data Packets on a network in monitor mode lets you to crack WEP Key


Step 2:

  • Adding Monitor mode to Android Device you need to know the right chip-set and download that particular one from here Google Code  Modified Firmware on particular chip-set used in majority of android devices i.e Nexus one & Galaxy S III .


Step 3:

  • Once you downloaded that particular code it would be easier and simpler to Extract the ZIP file then configure files after running the setup. There are many instructions and step by step guide for your specific android device on there official blog.


Step 4:

  •  After it is done check out video tutorial to learn how to hack WEP Key.



Check out more Stuff on :  10 android apps for hackers-and-penetration-testers


Safety Precautions: 

  • Honestly, they have. What this article doesn’t mention is that this type of hack will only work on networks secured by WEP encryption. WPA has been the standard for over 5 years and isn’t nearly so insecure. If you want to make sure your safe, just check the settings on your router.
  • You are really leaving your network unprotected as WPA or WEP encrypts the network packets, it does not only lock the router to strangers. Besides, MAC filtering is hardly any protection at all, just look up MAC spoofing.
  • Well, most ISP’s today provide FLAT Packages (unlimited GB’s) so how ever they pay both same price, but for those who have limit.


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