Samsung Galaxy S III can be hacked


Samsung Galaxy S3 hacks, Recently it has been found out that iPhone security has many flaws and thus can be violated by diverse type of tactics. The last week’s technology review showed that a recent vulnerability has been detected through which anyone can bypass the lock screen security.

  • This gave intruders the permission to peek into the personal documents and contacts present in the phone. Today we are going to repeat that security flaw but with a different manufacturer of smartphones. Yes you guessed it right.
  • Samsung Galaxy SIII; world’s leading smartphone is also not secure enough to keep personal documents and similar official or domestic data. The iPhone isn’t the only device that can have its lock screen bypassed with some key button presses and good timing: the lock screen on Samsung’s Galaxy S III can be bypassed as well.
  • A new type of malicious vulnerability is discovered by Sean McMillan and posted to the Full Disclosure mailing list; this states that anyone can bypass the security screen of Galaxy SIII with just a few button presses, with a perfect timing and experience.
  • McMillan tested his trick on various Galaxy S III gadgets and smartphones and it proved working. Mashable provided the proof of unlocking a Galaxy S III running Android 4.1.2 using McMillan’s instructions, as were other outlets including
  • As the iOS lock screen vulnerability is a difficult job to hack and crack, similarly the lock screen of Galaxy S III isn’t a piece of cake to hack. This requires patience, precision and timing, as said by McMillan “It took me over 10 minutes to get past the lock screen successfully for the first time and my luck wasn’t better in subsequent sessions”
  • Unlike the iOS bug, this method provides full access to the phone without requiring the use of iTunes and a USB connection. In other words, if you can get the timing correct, this method — which uses the emergency call functionality in the Galaxy S III’s dialer — unlocks the phone full-stop.

Samsung has not responded to a request for comment.


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