Top 10 special features of Galaxy S4

After a successful launch of Galaxy S I, II, III the company Samsung has launched the latest Galaxy S IV which promises to be the ultimate Smartphone machine ever built. The top class features of S-IV are tabulated as under:

Special features of Galaxy s4


10. S-Health


The Samsung S4 keeps good care of your diet and exercise; you only need to add few basic inputs and you are done. Now you don’t have to hire a personal care services or pay for expensive wrist band monitors that monitors your health.

9. Screen


The new Galaxy S4 comes with humongous screen of super AMOLED 5” with 441 ppi density is definitely an eye opener. Here’s a figure for comparison; Apple’s iphone 5 has a screen density of 326 ppi.

8. Octa-core processor


The new Samsung comes with a lightning speed 1.6 GHz Octa Core Processors which can solve your problems and process your programs in just a blink of an eye.

7. S Translator


Translate anything with your new Samsung Galaxy S4.

6. Air View/Gesture


5. Knox


This is an amazing feature comes only with Galaxy S4, an attempt to beat BlackBerry for its safe security password features. The Knox ensures your phone invulnerable towards all types of security breaches.

4. Smart Scroll


The new features of smart scroll allow you to scroll your cell phone features using the movement of your eye. In this way Galaxy S4 outclass all existing smart phones of present era.

3. Dual Camera


The feature of dual camera allows you to capture snap shots using front and the rear camera at the same time.

2. 13-megapixel camera


1. Watch On


The new Galaxy S4 comes with advanced infrared technology that can transmit signals to all kinds of household appliances, thus now you don’t need to worry for the lost TV remote control.


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